Course Description

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Does your job require you to make accurate forecasts? Are you ready to invest in better forecasting skills? Superforecasting Fundamentals introduces techniques used by Good Judgment® Superforecasters to achieve world-class forecasting accuracy.

This training is a quick intervention to remind you of practical fundamental principles. It appears simple – that is the beauty of it. These Superforecaster® techniques are clear and accessible for anyone who makes forecasts in their work.

Designed primarily for professional forecasters who are new to Superforecasting™, the course is focused, self-paced, and short. Participants typically finish the course in 90 minutes. Satisfied course takers often work in fields such as finance, consulting, and strategy. Covered topics include probabilistic reasoning, inside views, outside views, base rates, overconfidence, underconfidence, calibration, and cognitive biases.

Each course-completing participant receives a digital Certificate of Completion. We also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If within 30 days of purchase you are not satisfied that this course has helped you become a more confident and accurate forecaster, email us at

Good Judgment

Good Judgment's forecasting methodology was developed from research for the U.S. intelligence community. After four years, five hundred questions, and over one million forecasts, Good Judgment's forecast accuracy outperformed even professional intelligence analysts with access to classified data.

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